We are the sole representatives of Nigeria's biggest Aquaculture and Agric Hardware and Chemical store.

We supply the following products on limited quantities and can supply bulk within 48 hours.

  • INVE Artemia  (Produced by the company that invented artmia)    GHS 70     *5
  • Ovaryprim ( for catfishes and ordinary carp )                                   GHS 90     *5        
  • 17 alpha-methyl testosterone (for sex reversal of tilapia fingerlings)   GHS 80     *5
Minimum quantity you can order has *      
We can package orders and sent by bus to clients outside Accra. 

The following products can be supplied within three days of ordering.

Complete Pellitizing line for fish sinking feeds.
Complete Extruding line for floating fish feed.
Complete Pelletizing line for poultry feed.
Complete feed milling line (Including Hammer Mill and Grinding machines).
Different types of oxygenation machines for fish ponds (i.e. Air pumps, Air blowers, Spraying Aerators, Spalshing Aerators, Paddle wheel Aerators etc).
Bio-fitters and filtration materials, Ozone generators, Oxygen Generators etc.
Polygon Fish tanks (mobile ponds) and accessories.
Consultancy Services and Trainings.
We can also import any products you want from Nigeria at a competitive price
Contact us now and order your supplies.

0248100196 or email  or

More local and Chinese partnerships under negotiations

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