Monday, 3 December 2012


CATFISH (Dutch Clarias and Heteroclarias)

Order your super fast growing dutch clarias catfish from us. We guarantee average weight of 200-300 grams in two months. (with our feeding protocol) 0.80p. We also sell 50g catfish for Ghs 1.20 to farmers who want to eliminate cannibalism to zero.

Ordinary African Clarias available at 0.40p and negotiable for orders above 10,000 fingerlings.
You can have 50g juveniles for GHS1 to eliminate cannibalism

We have special financing offers for persons needing 50,000 or more fingerlings

Buy your fingerlings from Ghana's award wining best fish hatchery from us at no extra cost. Simply send us an email or give us a call with your location and we would handle the rest. We play an agency role and do not hatch these ourselves.
The maximum fingerling weight is 2g. If you need any thing bigger than that we can ongrow them at a negotiated price and location to your desired weight.

  • GHS 0.15p (Pickup at hatchery in Anum) 
  • GHS 0.30p (Pick up from Accra)
  • GHS 0.40p (Delivery within Accra proper)
  • Buying large and in or outside Accra? Regular GHS0.15 applies and then we discuss transport and service fee.
  • If you are buying small numbers we would have to accumulate orders before serving you in order to save you cost.

You can now order heterotis fingerlings from us. We get them from the wild.

GHS 10 (200 gram and above)


  1. How many will I need to start tilapia farming in a commercial quantities. Thank you Shirley

  2. The cost per one tilapia fingering

  3. How many will I need to start tilapia farming in a commercial quantities. Thank you Shirley

  4. Dear collins,
    Please as soon as possible give me the following to this email
    1.How many fingerlings do you sell in a month on the average.
    2.What is the price for the following fingerlings?
    a)Tilapia Nilcotica 30g(male)
    b)Red tilapia 30g (male)
    c)African cat fish (4inch)
    d) Carp Fish (5inch)
    3.What are the prices of the following in Ghana?
    a)Finest Quality Fish meal (1kg)
    b)Soybean Meal (1kg)
    c)Rice Polifh (1kg)
    d)Corn Meal (1kg)
    e)Ground Nut oil cake (1kg)
    f)Single Super phosphte (1kg)
    g)Urea (1kg)
    4. Current cost for constructing fish pond- charge per m2.
    I intend to enter into fish farming and I will need answers to these questions toinclude in mu BP